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Hiwyre Sales

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The freedom to host a sales presentation from anywhere.
The power to connect with your customers anytime.
The opportunity to grow your business faster than ever.

Hiwyre’s powerful cloud-based platform lets you create, manage and update documents, videos, images, PDFs, HTML5 and more from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. Share custom content, presentations and slideshows with multiple devices and team members. Intuitive DIY tools allow you to host paperless demos and create interactive sales presentations which are fully compatible with Salesforce and other popular CRM applications. Collect customer feedback, encourage user engagement, generate new sales lead and share up-to-date information with your team on the fly.

Create custom sales demos & presentations with DIY tools.

Drag and drop interactive content, PDFs, PPT slides, custom HTML5, videos and images into one of our ready-to-go templates to create your own interactive sales demos and presentations. DIY publishing tools make it easy to get your custom content up and ready in minutes.

Content that’s always ready to go, up-to-date & in one place.

With Hiwyre’s Sales app and video player tool, you can host paperless sales demos and presentations anywhere, anytime. Update your content in minutes, even when you’re on-the-go. Plus, all of your content will be organized in one place, where your team can easily access it.

Analyze real-time insights & export captured data.

Collect customer feedback and build better business relationships with Hiwyre’s custom FAQs, polls and surveys. Track user interactions and page views with Hiwyre’s powerful analytic tools. Share real-time data and insights with your team from anywhere using Hiwyre’s cloud-based platform.

Oversee all the action from the cloud.

Hiwyre Suite’s simple cloud-based admin dashboard makes it easy to access all of your content from one place. Using a singular log-in, you can manage your presentations, users and groups from your iPhone or iPad, and even analyze or export captured data you and other users have gathered.

Customize the interface to match your company branding.

Use Hiwyre Suite’s custom capabilities to match presentation designs to your company’s brand, and even add your own logo, colour schemes and images.